Wandering Stars – next tranche of training for new DOMs and Guards

February saw six volunteers start to undertake training that will see them undertaking new roles at Telford Steam Railway.

As a break from the classroom our entrepid explorers had a guided tour of the future of the railway, by way of a walk down the line from the new station at Lawley Village to Lightmoor.

The upper section of our route is in regular use, and even though there aren’t many trains between Horsehay & Dawley and Doseley, the line that ends at around the Cheshire Cheese bridge is still live and is subject to trains at any time.  The walk was led by our Operations Director Ian Loffman.

We would like to remind people that this walk was undertaken by trained volunteers and that members of the public should not walk along our track unless supervised by a suitable trained member of the railway.

01 The 6 young guns trainee guards and DOMS on a walk to our interim destination Lightmoor

The 6 young guns. Trainee guards and DOMs on a walk to our interim destination Lightmoor, this picture was taken between Horsehay & Dawley and Doseley Halt, at the end of our existing live track.

02 the view heading up to Horsehay and Dawley

The View looking towards Horsehay & Dawley from Doseley Halt, behind the photographers is where the first of two Level Crossings needs to be re-commissioned.

03 High ho, high ho, its off to Lightmoor we go 04 Oi wait for Me 05 Were getting there

The track bed is a bit overgrown in places but is used by walkers currently

07 This is the view of the Bridgenorth bypass where it cuts through the railway formation

This is the view down the embankment to the Buildwas Bypass, this needs to be significantly built up and the bridge (currently in the yard) needs to be re-instated over the road

08 The hight of the embankment 09 looking through the trees at the amount of embankment that needs rebuilding

The view back up the embankment that will need rebuilding so the track reach the height required for the bridge

10 the remains of the trackbed on our way back 11 Oi Fatty get out the way your blocking the light 12 Just get out of the way dont turn around 13 The track bed 14 15

Walking back up the hill the track bed is still in good condition, but the gradient (which is one of the steepest on the rail network) can certainly be felt! Here is Ian reminding the land what heavy traffic feels like!

16 The first road you come to a LC is required here

This is where the second of the two Level Crossings needs to be re-commissioned

17 An old CEGB warning board for the overhead wires crosing the railway at this point

CEGB sign warning of overhead power-lines

19 the track bed is in great condition and will require very little in the way of husbandry to get it back in shape 20 21 22 23

The track bed is in great condition and will require very little in the way of husbandry to get it back in shape

24 The road running parallel with the railway formation

In places the track is overgrown but here a road runs parallel so there was a small diversion from the track.

25 Aida and Hilda walking there dogs over the Cheshire Cheese bridge.... theres a train coming

And here is a prime example of one of the issues we face “Hilda and Aida” (members of the public) walk along our LIVE track over the Cheshire Cheese bridge, not realizing there may be a train on the way!

Photos : Ian Loffman (and we are surprised)

Words : Ian Loffman / Phil Neal