Normally we only like to post good news, this time we are very disappointed to be sharing bad news.

On the evening of Wednesday 12th April 2017 Telford Steam Railway was struck with some mindless vandalism and on the 13th. And as volunteers were cleaning up, the perpetrators who are believed to be 3 children Aged 12/13, returned and threatened a volunteer with a metal bar.

We estimate approximately £5000 worth of damage and 300-400 hours worth of work to repair (mostly due to the number of windows being broken)

Anyone who might know anything should contact West Mercia police.

Damage to our BSO, which only arrived recently and is awaiting restoration.

Damage to DMU stored on site

Damage to Jamo (Volunteer owned Diesel loco)

Damage to MK1 LFK (A prototype and one of only four built – currently midway through restoration)

Damage to Award Winningly restored DMU (Volunteer owned, currently under interior refresh)


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  • Jason

    I really hope the children who caused the damage are caught. They should be forced to work weekends to help fix the damage they made, hopefully you may be able to teach them a few things and maybe even get some regular volunteers.

    I done this as a child, walking the streets causing a mess, one company took me on and taught me a few skills, without that I would probably be in prison but instead I am a manager in a very good position with a great family.

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