UPDATE – Ironbridge Power Station Redevelopment


UPDATE – Ironbridge Power Station Redevelopment

22nd May 2019

Cameron Burgess

On the morning of 22nd May stakeholders were invited to view Harworth’s indicative plans for the Ironbridge power station site. Paul Hughes the railway’s chairman attended on behalf of Telford Steam Railway. The railway is a priority for Harworth and has been retained for both heritage and potential network passenger use. The plans below show the outline of the development.
Harworth hope to work with Network Rail to remove 1 million tons of pulverised fly ash and up to 2 million tons of sand and aggregate from the site via rail. The poor condition of the Albert Edward bridge is the major stumbling block. Network Rail have completed a condition assessment in the last few days which will be reviewed as to options moving forward. If this traffic does happen trains could be running for 5 to 6 years.

Telford Steam Railwaay has a meeting with network rail next week to discuss ways forward including accessing the redundant ‘Up’ line meaning both Telford Steam Railway and Network Rail trains could operate, an option Harworth are very keen to see happen.

The railway from the Albert Edward bridge to the coal drops will be retained. The coal drops will be the base for the new station which will, as can be seen from the plans. sit right in the heart of the new local centre.

Overall the plans are an excellent fit with Telford Steam Railway’s aspirations. Telford Steam Railway has suggested to Harworth that an opportunity may be being missed by not continuing the railway to the Much Wenlock road and Buildwas Abbey, talks will continue as the developments progresses.

More details can be found on the Harworth website https://ironbridgeregeneration.co.uk/the-emerging-proposal/

Ironbridge Powerstation Plan