Iron Bridge

TSR update – Springtime stirrings and driving experiences

The more recent news updates have focussed on our efforts to get our new station at Lawley ready in time for re-opening at Easter. Whilst the bulk of our efforts have rightly been allocated to this important task we have still been active in other areas. A small team have been busy with the manufacture and installation of new fencing for our Spring Village platform. The old wooden fence was found to be no longer fit for purpose so the decision was taken to remove it and replace it with a new steel fence. Whilst this was a more expensive option than a like-for-like wooden replacement it would allow us to install it and literally forget about it. The benefits of a steel fence is that apart from a yearly coat of paint it will never need looking at again because of its integral strength. It is long lasting and aesthetically pleasing compared to the previous fence and will improve the appearance of Spring Village to a greater degree. We still have a way to go but the fence will be complete in time for our Easter opening. The style of fence has already received much praise from TSR volunteers and  members of the Phoenix Miniature Railway Society who live on the other side of the fence. This praise has led us to consider using this style of fence for our other fencing projects but as always resources are scarce and need allocating according to project priority. If you feel that you can contribute, by either getting hands on and helping with the manufacture of more fencing panels or by making a donation towards the cost of a panel, then please contact our commercial director. A fence panel costs £25 and we will need a lot more panels. At the TSR we do, however, believe in little steps and if you can donate the cost of one fence panel then that is one less panel that we need to fund and we can focus our resources on the more major projects.

We have also been busy improving our website to make navigating the site easier and more informative. A lot of work has gone in to our driving experience pages as these courses are a major source of income. We have already reaped the benefits of these changes as May is fully booked for full day steam locomotive driving experience courses. If you are considering booking a course or driving a steam locomotive or diesel locomotive then please contact our driving experience manager, Mark Paynter.

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