On wings up high, a unique perspective

Here at the TSR we have never been afraid to try something new. So it was on Sunday 12th April that our good friend, Carl Harrison from CDHPIX, paid us a visit with a new toy of his, an aerial drone. What he then proceeded to produce are nothing short of breathtaking. Here’s a unique perspective of our railway, one that we’re sure you will enjoy. The pics really are as if we were seen from wings up high…..

DJI00122 DJI00123 DJI00121 DJI00120 DJI00119 DJI00118 DJI00117 DJI00110 DJI00111 DJI00115 DJI00116 DJI00109 DJI00108 DJI00107 DJI00106 DJI00105 DJI00104 DJI00103