Telford Calling…..You have mail!

We at the Telford Steam Railway are always looking at ways that we can improve our website and delivery of information to our supporters and visitors alike. We are proud to announce that we have a new electronic newsletter which you can sign up to when you visit our site. Whilst it is not intended for this newsletter to replace the ‘Sentinel’ magazine that members enjoy it is designed, rather, to compliment it and it allows our more casual followers to keep abreast of latest developments and events as they happen. There is no fixed frequency for the newsletter as it will be issued as and when we need to. Initially it will be limited to the first 2000 subscribers and depending on its success will determine any future expansion. We hops that you will find the newsletter informative and a way for you to be one of the first to hear of forthcoming events and features. Now I’d better go and write something as we have a newsletter to mail!

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