A springtime chill…..or Rocket has come down poorly!

After working extremely hard this season and after an especially hectic weekend with driving courses and passenger trains a plenty our stalwart steam loco, Rocket, seems to have come down poorly. A problem was found during the day today and despite the heroic efforts of our crew of Dave Angell, Andrew Fox, Phil McIver and ably assisted by Alan Binns to nurse the loco through to the end of the day we took the precaution of withdrawing it from traffic. Whilst our other resident stalwart, of the DMU, worked the last two trips an assessment was made on the condition of Rocket. It was soon identified as a potential problem with either the injector or the clack valve and our trusty engineering team will be working their hardest over the coming week to get Rocket well again. On the safe side we will be planning to run heritage diesel services on the May Bank holiday weekend but with fingers crossed, prayers said and much blood sweat & tears there may still be a chance of Rocket assuming its place as the flagship of the home fleet. Please keep checking back for further updates as they become available.

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