Dunlop at Telford Steam Railway

Service Announcement

Service Announcement

6th May 2019 - Original Post - 4th May 2019


UPDATE - 06/05/2019 - Our amazing engineers have been working extremely hard and we are pleased to say that Dunlop No6 will be pulling passengers tomorrow. We must admit it was nice to dust off the DMU today!


UPDATE - 05/05/2019 - Well we are not having a good weekend are we. We have now had to take TOM out of service too and therefore will be using our DMU for the rest of the Bank Holiday Weekend. 


Regrettably Dunlop No.6 had to be taken out of service today. Further details will follow however Sunday and Monday will now be diesel hauled.

'TOM'is a North British Locomotive Co. Ltd Loco built in 1954. You can find out more about TOM here.

Rocket, Merlin and Dunlop

Rocket, Merlin and Dunlop are Steam Locos we run at Telford Steam Railway. Dunlop was brought in as we run much needed maintenance on Rocket and Merlin. 

We will hope to see the return of all of the Steam Locos shortly and will of course update you all in due course.