Santa, his Special Train and a distinctly Red Breasted early bird!

As Sat 5th Dec approaches bringing with it the first day of running our Santa Specials, ticket sales are gathering pace. With over 1100 tickets already sold we are well on course to easily surpass last years total and we would hate for anyone to miss out. There are still plenty of seats available and we would urge people to take advantage of our ‘early bird’ discount scheme by buying tickets for this coming weekend of the 5th/6th Dec. The ‘early bird’ scheme was originally intended for purchases made in Nov but we have extended the deadline right up to Sat 5th. We have also ensured that our gift shop is fully stocked ready for Christmas so whether you are looking for a gift for the little one, big one, old one, young one, boy or girl then we are sure to have something to suit everyone. We look forward to seeing you soon.