Railcar of the Year award and recognition

The Telford Steam Railway is pleased to announce the recent award and recognition in the restoration of the resident Class 108 DMU unit belonging to Ian Heighway and Kevin Jones.

The 108 was submitted for recognition and an award in the recent Railcar of the Year 2014 which is held and organized by the The Railcar Association. The Railcar Association is formed of owners of preserved multiple units and their site is dedicated to the history, technology and preservation of first generation DMUs.

The 108 had held the lead in voting for 21 out of 31 voting days but a late surge saw Ian & Kevin’s unit pushed in to second place, only losing out on first place by a mere 18 votes. This is a tremendous achievement for the two TSR stalwarts as anyone who has seen the 108 for themselves can testify to the sheer hard work and determination they have displayed in returning a near derelict unit in to a fully serviceable and pristinely turned out unit.

Some people would be despondent in only attaining second place but far from being disappointed the two owners are overjoyed and enthused by the support shown by all those who voted for their unit. This has only served to encourage them in their efforts to continue with the maintenance and progression of the still outstanding jobs on their unit. It will also serve to make the 108 attractive to anyone who has a desire to have a go at driving it for themselves, as this year the unit is to be included in our Driving Experience courses for the first time.

There are exciting times ahead for the TSR in 2015 and the 108 unit is going to be a part of this. We hope you can share in those exciting times with us.

108 before DMU4

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