Polar Express Tickets Update 09/04/2018

A small update on tickets for the Polar Express Train Ride.

We are still having issues with our website, we think it is linked to some updated software we are using this time around that is making unwanted changes to orders after they have been placed. We don’t have a fix currently, but we are working on it, we will announce when they are going back on sale in the normal way.

We are getting huge numbers of emails, Facebook messages, trip adviser messages, google maps questions, instagram messages (nothing on twitter strangely enough!) we simply can’t respond to everyone, but we do try, please bare with us, and don’t expect an instant response, we aim to respond within 48 hours!

Answers to some common questions:

Can I book over the phone? No, firstly we are all volunteers and work from home to answer queries online, we can manage the system much more fairly to all customers by only dealing with questions through the website. Simple questions are usually answered in the FAQ section on the website, and we would much prefer you use the contact us page on the website rather than Facebook Messages. Secondly, we make all manual changes to orders through the same website as you, if it doesn’t work for you, it doesn’t work for us.

Can I book onsite? No, the staff that operate the shop onsite on Sundays have no access to any Polar Express Booking system.

Can I reserve tickets and pay when it is back online? No, for the same reason we do not take phone bookings.

If I want to vent my frustrations at you can I send an email, message or comment on your posts, to do so? Of course not! We don’t like dealing with abusive people, it’s really not a pleasant way to spend an evening. We appreciate it’s frustrating, it is for us too. Anyone sending nasty messages will not receive a reply, and we reserve the right not to sell them tickets as well.

I’ve been clicking refresh all evening and it’s not working! The website is down until at least the weekend, please be patient!

Why didn’t you give us more notice when you were going to release tickets? Although we have got a nice big web server now, it can only cope with so many people trying to get on and book tickets. The limit seems to be about 400 people before it all starts to go a bit wrong, we are looking at queue system before we go live. But if we told everyone we were going live at a certain time we would have thousands of people all trying to book at the same time. By choosing off peak times and not pre-announcing we can limit the initial burst of visitors to the website.

I placed and order, I have an order number, but not an email confirmation? If you have an order number, and a worldpay receipt, your order has gone through, once we are back up and running you will be able to login and check your order. Your email may be in junk mail too.