We really appreciate your patience and understanding when we were forced to cancel The Polar Express Train Ride on 10th December. As I am sure you understand this was entirely outside of our control.

After working hard we have managed to organise a replacement day on Tuesday 19th December. As we will be re-issuing letters by email it is vital you let us know you will be able to travel on Tuesday 19th December. You will initially only be allowed to travel at the same time as your original ticket. We acknowledge that this is not ideal as some schools might not have broken up, but it is the only way we guarantee to accommodate everyone on the train.

Therefore could you please click here: to respond to us if you haven’t already: https://goo.gl/forms/ic7feBhgf1tRTbuD3

We will then work hard to try and get everyone on a train.
We have a VERY VERY limited number of seats on other days. It is strongly recommended that all passengers make every effort to travel at their original time on Tuesday 19th December.

Telford Steam Railway Volunteers.

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