Enemy Operative Active in Horsehay! Air Raid warning heard over Dawley!

26th August 1943

We heard some bad news during the day that an enemy operative has been very active today and has been linked to an explosion in Horsehay, The Explosion unfortunately decimated a company of Red Caps from 245 Provost Company who were patrolling the area for deserters. We are asking locals and visitors to be aware and let us know if you spot them, we have had a number of sightings and hope to finally bring them to justice over the weekend.

The Axis troops have now embedded themselves into emplacements at Lawley and also the twin villages of H’Orsehay and D’Awley have now become occupied. Rumours abound that allied troops are planning to engage with the enemy to push them back members of the public are requested to be alert and to avoid confronting the enemy themselves.

Sadly it has also been reported that enemy bombers have been spotted heading our way, so any visitors to the market over the weekend should be on the look out for Un-Exploded Bombs, if you spot one please do not approach it and let the local ARP Warden know.

arp poster

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