New courses for our Train Experience Days in 2016

Whilst our Train Experience courses continue to be extremely popular we at the Telford Steam Railway are continuously striving to provide better and different courses for the public to enjoy. We are glad to announce two new additions to our available Experience Days. The first is a Diesel Full Day which is an extension of our Half Day course. This sees a candidate do everything contained in the Half Day course and then switch to the role of Secondman in the afternoon after enjoying lunch. The second course is something unique amongst heritage railways in that it is a course in how to be a Train Guard. This often overlooked, but crucial, role in train operation is aimed at those who are not interested in driving and also for those less mobile who find themselves unable to undertake a driving role. This way they can still enjoy working a train and the interaction that ensues between train crew and passengers. We are sure that these new courses will be welcome additions and prove popular with the public and railway enthusiasts alike. So check out our Driver Experience page for full details and we look forward to welcoming you to our railway.