Lawley Revisited!

Whilst our intrepid team were busy getting soaked relaying the 2ft narrow gauge track our other team were just as busy getting soaked on the big boys track, particulary the turnout at Lawley that is the entrance to the loop. It was only after the initial installation of the turnout that it became apparent that one of the rails needed to move 3″ to make the turnout useable. So for the sake of these 3″ a team was assembled along with all the necessary parts and fittings, they boarded a works train an doff they went to sort it out. After much cutting, sliding, lifting, jacking, packing, tweaking and swearing spread over a number of weekends we were finally left with a fully useable turnout and the connection of the other Lawley terminating line to the burgeoning TSR network. This extra siding would allow us to re-position some of our longer term restoration projects away from Spring Village yard to enable the construction of the long overdue carriage shed. It also allows us much greater flexibility operationally.

P1014060 P1014055 P1014016 P1014001 P1013979 P1013948 P1013943 P1013928 P1013898 P1013894 P1013885 P1013877 P1013876 P1013875 P1013860 P1013849 P1013846 P1013845 P1013836 P1013828 P1013823 P1013821 P1013814 12496246_10206605033137515_858825914044373439_o 12487104_10206605026617352_5366787784735067201_o 12485933_10206605026217342_3132272760928044558_o 12484762_10206605025857333_232868857083435123_o 12473779_10206605038137640_413517476504622243_o 12471870_10206605030937460_6010913275776681182_o 12471681_10206605032017487_5567778614124129401_o 12466091_10206605033857533_2773258092736770996_o 12465914_10206605028897409_367208779766771085_o 1930691_10206605030457448_6878615318839724620_n 12401746_10206605029177416_891787043375081988_o 12418876_10206605027377371_4270814827857832696_o 12418962_10206605030737455_3705040136158986171_o