Lawley extension – Works update 18/01/15

With much surprise at the continued mild weather and the excellent turnout of volunteers an amazing amount of proress has been made on our Lawley extension. The jacking, packing and ballasting has been 95% completed with only some minor adjustments needed then the final top coat putting down. Roughly 50% of the platform facing supports are now in and hopefully this can be finished by mid-February. The supports, once in, then have a row of concrete sleepers placed behind them and then this area is back filled to secure everything in place before work can commence on installing the actual platform surface. Once this is in then it will require the finishing touches such as the erection and fitting of the GWR style pagoda. The amount of work being carried out demonstrates just what is involved on what appears to be a simple exercise. This work, however, now sets out our stall and allows us the ambition of finally running trains to and from Lawley. With Easter fast approaching there is still much that needs doing and this can only be achieved with the continued goodwill of all those involved. As always, if you feel you can help and would like to become involved then please contact us for further information.

early lawley 3lawley 2early lawley 2

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