Lawley extension – Works update 15/03/15, The next train departing…..

An overdue update sees major changes undertaken at Lawley where volunteers from the Telford Steam Railway have been working hard irrespective of the weather. At one point it looked as if the planned re-opening may be delayed as the site had turned in to a veritable quagmire. But through sheer determination and hard graft we have been able to stay on course for our Easter re-opening. Work has obviously focussed on completing the platform including work to prep and surface the platform, erect safety fencing and put in foundations for the installation of a GWR style pagoda. Work has also focussed on installing drainage and fence foundations for the station access. It is said that a picture paints a thousand words, so below is a veritable dissertation in images. One of the pictures highlights the massive development that is Lawley Village. It is this development that we are hoping to tap in to along with providing park and ride facilities for visitors to the Ironbridge Gorge. The scope of our ambitions cannot be understated and none of this would be possible without the backing of multiple agencies and donors. More importantly we can’t achieve any of this without that most priceless of commodities, our volunteers. As can be seen from the pics our volunteers cover the entire age spectrum and we cannot survive without them. If you feel you can help and would like to contribute to an amazingly worthwhile scheme then please contact us. We guarantee that we will have a position for you.


All photographs courtesy of Dave Angell and Robert Palmer.