Lawley extension – Works update 15/02/15

Another weekend and another working party and another major chunk of the outstanding work completed to enable us to start running trains to Lawley. Today was a milestone for us as the major works in constructing the platform were completed. We can now turn our attentions to the installation of the platform surface and the construction of the access path. A start has been made on the site of the access path when a band of intrepid volunteers disappeared in to the undergrowth to hack a path to the current boundary fence. Next will be the installation of a drain before levelling and profiling of the ground can be carried out and the installing of the access steps. Once this has been done a section of fence will be removed and a gate installed with the fitting out of railway signage. A big ‘shout out’ must go to our two JCB drivers, Ian Heighway and Gary Vity, who have been taking it in turns to operate our JCB during the platform build. Without this piece of equipment and its drivers we’d still be putting in the first platform upright with shovels, cheers chaps. Once again here are a selection of photos from todays efforts showing the dedicated track gang hard at it to get us ready in time for that crucial opening at Easter.

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All photos courtesy of Mark Paynter