Lawley extension – Works update 01/02/15

Despite how cold it was today we had a good turn out at Lawley. The final uprights for the platform are in, all the cross members cut and are in place. The first row of concrete sleepers that are being used to retain the back fill behind the platform are in place along the full length and the second row started and back filling has begun. As you can see there still remains much work to do to finish in time for Easter. We have to finish the platform construction, platform ramp, surface and fencing also an access path to be built and lineside fencing to install. We then need to find a timemachine so that we can manufacture more hours to fit into the day as there is never enough. As always the holy trinity of time, money and manpower beckons so if you can help with any of them then please get in touch. A special mention must go to thank Bob and Julie for the much appreciated hot soup and bread rolls at lunch time and the coffee later on.

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