Launching to Lawley! A Telford Steam Railway appeal!

As mentioned in previous press releases we at the Telford Steam Railway are  working towards commencing services to our northern terminus at Lawley Common from Easter 2015. The bulk of the resources and funding are in place to enable us to commence running trains. Like many heritage projects though so much more can be done in one go and on greater economies of scale than if a piecemeal approach was undertaken. To this end it has been identified that if we can raise additional funds from our members and supporters then we can achieve so much more in the same timescales as our current plans. So we would like to ask and invite all of you who share our vision, passion and drive to please make a donation to the Telford Steam Railway. Your donation could make a difference to our overall aims. We need £1,500 to finish the infrastructure works at Lawley to enable basic operations to commence. Raising £3,000 would allow us to complete and ballast the adjoining trackwork at the same time and for a much reduced cost compared to if we had to defer the works for another time. If we can raise £5,000 then not only could we accomplish all the outlined works at Lawley but also improvements to our Horsehay and Spring Village stations.

So please, if you feel that you can spare a few pounds and you would like to actively contribute, then do not hesitate to make a donation either by using the ‘Paypal’ donation button on the homepage or by contacting the Commercial Director via the ‘Contact Us’ page and asking for further details.

The Telford Steam Railway cannot survive without the continued support of our members and suporters. For this we thank you.