The latest happenings from Telford Steam Railway

It has been a long time since we updated you with what is going on at the railway. So here is a short update from our very busy volunteers…

We are currently in the process of preparing our TSOs for THE POLAR EXPRESS experience this Christmas. This includes fully refurbishing the coaches from seating, to painting and cleaning bogies. Our 08 has also seen work carried out to it’s vacuum and braking systems. The Class 37 has had refurbishing and cleaning carried out on to it and Rocket and Merlin have also being cleaned.

Work also continues to the site maintenance along with gardening and cleaning. We have also had successful running days with many visitors thanks to the hard work of our volunteers. Our volunteers work doesn’t just end on site either. With many of us working hard “behind the scenes”.

Updates directly from some of our Volunteers

Glenn Taylor – Has been working on the internal rebuild of 2 of our TSO’s including needle gunning the bogies and the under-frame. Along with helping to make the TSO door steps and ordering materials. Glenn has also been managing midweek crew members with Allan Oliver, by supporting them with tasks.

John Murphin – Has been working alongside Glenn cleaning the TSO seat carcases, and building and installing the TSO seats.

Mike Ross – Has been staining and varnishing the TSO wall panels and painting their bogies and under-frames.

Sandra Corrigan – Sandra has been working with Clare painting seats for the TSO. Sandra is also Catering Manager.

Shaun Owen – Has been looking at routing Cat 6. He has also been working with the batteries on one the new coaches. Shaun has fixed the windows fitted previously and also assisted with identifying gronks air pipes and cleaning the Class 37 HS3 valve,

David Jenkins

David Jenkins doing a spot of gardening.

David Jenkins – Has been firing last Sunday. Then he was working on the coach seat and window fitting during the evenings. David has also been the secondman on our Diesel DEs on Saturday and finally did a spot of gardening!

Paul Gough – Recently qualified as a guard, congratulations Paul!

Marian Jenkins – Helped to fit some of the Seats to our Polar Express coaches and returned to her usual role in the cafe.

Ian Loffman – Undertaking a re-write of the PTS , shunter and guards exams including a better way of recording and collating information. He has undertaken 7 PTS exams and also had a turn at Guard.

Phil Neal – Phil has taken a well deserved holiday but that hasn’t stopped him! He has talked to groups about using our sleeper carriage, organising a project for scouts and spoke to another railway about a visit along with using our sleeper carriage.


Kevin Jones – Went to RSS in Wishaw and stripped spares off a loco to be used on our 08. He also helped to re-fit and test the Class 08 vacuum system. He refurbished the Class 37 “thrash valve”. He has solved some of the brake problems on our 2 coaches. Kevin has also been the Diesel driver and secondman. A busy week indeed!

Ian Heighway – Ian has been working with Nick Aston to finish off the body work along with prime undercoat and top coat of the first of the TSO’s. He also assisted with the work on the 08’s braking system.

Allan Cox – Worked alongside Phil McIver cleaning the tubes/fire boxes on both Rocket and Merlin. Also they flushed the boiler through on Rocket.

Mark Paynter – Mark has being working on our Polar Express coaches alongside managing the commercial side of the railway.

Why not join us?

Why not join our volunteers to be a part of something special. We are always looking for more people to help out so if your interested please be sure to contact us here.