TOMToday is our first running day of the 2017 season! We have been looking forward to getting back into the official running season since we closed our doors in September last year so why not join us today!

It’s also a special day for Tom (NORTH BRITISH 0-4-0 NO. 27414), who regular visitors will know has been undergoing restoration and conversion to Vacuum braking to allow her to haul our coaches.

So come along and join us today!

More about Tom

Tom is a local engine and was resident at GKN Sankeys for many years, Tom is named after a Managing Director of Sankeys, Tom Honess.

The loco is now owned by three TSR of members and has undergone significant restoration in recent years. The original engine was life expired and after consideration being given to a replacement Paxman unit it was decided to re-fit Tom with a Rolls Royce engine. Extensive modifications to mounting and transmission were carried out, along with re-wiring and piping. Tom Re-entered service early 2014 and is soon to be fitted with vacuum equipment for passenger use, followed by a full repaint.

It is reputed that in 1961 Tom hauled the Royal Train! This occurred when the train was being stabled in Wellington overnight and the experimental train loco failed. 27414 and another Sankey locomotive then moved the train onto the Wellington to Stafford line where it was left overnight guarded by soldiers!

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