January working parties

Closed season means that we can do some of the work that just isn’t possible when we have visitors, here is a selection of photo’s from January’s working parties.

Photo’s by Jacky Mccusker.

All new volunteers must undergo a PTS (Personal Track Safety) course before being allowed to go track side unsupervised, this must also be renewed every two years, here we see a volunteer undertaking his test.  The aim of the PTS is to make sure you aware of how to walk around site, what the various signs are and how to behave around moving trains or on tracks that trains may be using.

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Our 2ft tram track was in need of a lot of replacement sleepers so this has been started



Our LFK coach is mid restoration so dry weather means that welding can continue



No 1 turnout at our Lawley Village Station is being installed so that the siding can be used for storage while we make improvements to the main yard at Spring Village


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