January 2017 work updates

We might be closed to the public but January can be a very busy time at Telford Steam Railway. It is during the closed season that all those jobs get done that we can’t do while we have visitors, after all you wouldn’t decorate your house while you have family staying would you?

During Winter/Spring we will start a series of semi regular updates on what we are accomplishing.

Below is description of some of the work we have done, courtesy of volunteer Allan Oliver.


After Polar Express and the Christmas period, members have returned to working on the TSR and a number of tasks have been undertaken to start to work off the extra pounds gained from Christmas dinners, and all the associated extras that we indulge in at that time of year.

New arrival! 08757

On the 16th January 2017 transport arrived with 08757 which was unloaded using TOM and the visiting 08 loaded up ready for its return. 08757 was moved straight into the loco shed and members started looking at this new arrival straight away with a view to getting it operational as soon as possible. Further updates on 08757 will issued over the following months as we work to get it in service.

New Arrival! BSO

Another new arrival is a BSO, this will be restored over the next 12-24 months and then be put in service as a Braked coach, it is anticipated that this will also improve disabled/wheelchair access.

TSO 5148

The TSO Coach on loan from Tyseley, (5148), had the remaining Polar Express decorations removed along with the cables and speakers, with these all being stored so they can be reused. The coach has also been lined and is virtually ready to be put in service as our main hauled stock during the year, this will be a change from the DMU that most people will have travelled in behind Rocket last year.


The shop was removed from the loco shed and is now back in position next to the buffer stop at Spring village platform. This is followed by the LFK, Tyseley coach and the DMU in the platform road. Behind this is a privately owned diesel shunter with the tool van, Lomac and the Toad forming a short works train. Ironbridge No. 3 and Rusty are now over the far side of the yard where the LFK was during the Polar event

The class 08, D3429, was placed on the reception road ready for the transport to arrive to take it back to Chasewater Railway, the Class 08 was kindly loaned by its owner to assist with hauling the Polar Express out of Horsehay and Dawley when traction was an issue.

The Victorian 6-wheel coach was hooked to Ironbridge 3 and moved forward slightly to allow access. This was intentionally left at the back of the yard so that all additional stock movements over the coming days / weeks are easier with less items to consider.


The floor covering section in one of the DMU coaches has been mostly removed and this will be finished off during the coming weeks to get that area ready for the new floor covering to arrive and be fitted with the bolt positions for re-fixing the seat frames needing to be marked on the side panels to aid in re-fitting


Several planks have been sourced and four of these were stored under the bridge to dry out – these will be used as the replacement running boards for the TOAD when work on the restoration of this items starts, the running boards currently on the TOAD are due for replacement and are slightly too wide for some of our platforms. The TOAD will be used during the season with the TSO mentioned earlier.