It Lives…..5619 steaming to the future!

Our flagship loco, GWR 0-6-2T 5619, left the Flour Mill recently after a heavy overhaul and found its way to a new, albeit temporary, home at the Bodmin & Wenford Railway. They needed a heavy haul loco for their summer timetable and 5619 fitted the bill perfectly. Since its arrival a few weeks ago 5619 has performed faultlessly and has been well received and liked by the crews at Bodmin. The cost of the recent overhaul was significant and the plan is that 5619 will earn its keep to repay that overhaul and to raise money for its next one in, fingers crossed, 10 years. After this any monies raised will be returned to the TSR where it can be put to use on extending our running line towards Ironbridge where one day, we can see 5619 hauling trains on our own line as it was meant to be. A full report from our Traction & Rolling Stock Director will be forthcoming soon detailing the full ins and outs of the recent overhaul. It is hoped that 5619 will remain at the Bodmin & Wenford next year allowing an inspection party (weekend jolly) from the TSR to visit and see just how well it is performing. However, talks are still ongoing between the respective railways and an agreement is still to be finalised. We are sure that a loco like 5619 will be immensely sought after by a number of railways and there should be no shortage of work for it. Below are a few photos of it hard at work, the first one at its last home of the North Norfolk Railway before its overhaul and the rest at the Bodmin & Wenford this summer. All photos are credited to their respective photograhers and if you’d like to send your own photo to us to add to the gallery then please contact our enquiry email address on the ‘Contact Us’ page.