Issue 3 – The Diary of a Volunteer

21st September 2019

Allan Oliver - Edits Mark Haynes

Today at the railway ....

Work continues on the TSO coaches with a window fixed and now operating, toilet door fixed so that it now opens correctly and the floor covering that was catching has been solved. The water leak has been solved I believe.

We continue to lay paving, with blocks and a pallet of bricks removed from the working area. Another bag of sand arrived on site to allow this to progress during next week. .... The pallets of bricks in front of the loco shed ramp access are now removed and work is going on getting the other three pallets near the entrance to that area removed as well.

We have begun the preparations to build a barrow crossing to allow items to be moved easier from one side to the other as needed.

Paint supplied by volunteer David J will be used to coat the barrow crossing when made and also on replacement sleepers for the tram track.

A meeting with the council on site regarding some funding for the young people on site - Volunteer Kevin J has been advised of the possible situation as it stands and details will be passed on as we hear more.

Our Reindeer are being well cared for by volunteers Sue & Bob Bailey. My thanks for this.

Two of our younger volunteers Andrew and Josh have worked on the other P-Way trolley in the loco shed, great work chaps.

Volunteer Ian H has worked on the telehandler to get this back into operation.

Further maintenace and resoration has taken place on the Class 37.

Hannah B confirms we have passed 1000 support emails answered in regards to THE POLAR EXPRESS


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