In Memorium – Peter Moss 1992 – 2020

Peter “Badger” Moss

On the 7th Aug 2020 Peter “Badger” Moss, or Little Pete as he was commonly known, passed away peacefully with his family by his side at the Princess Royal Hospital (PRH), Telford. Peter had been a supporter and staunch volunteer here at the Telford Steam Railway since he was old enough to walk. Once he was old enough to volunteer, he was on site every minute he could spare. From mowing the grass on his “pimped” out lawn mower, a la TSR’s very own “Waterboy”, to forming one half of our very own Chuckle Brothers with his mate Little Dave on our narrow-gauge steam tram, Peter was a much liked and much-loved member of our railway.

He was happy to help out wherever he could and did not mind what job he had to do he was just determined to get the job done right. He was particularly well liked for helping out in the Tearoom but we suspect that this had more to do with the larger than normal portions that always seemed to end up on his plate with his double cheeseburger and chips. Peter was so keen to help out that he persuaded his younger brother Alex to come along and volunteer as well. To say they were two peas in a pod would be an understatement. Alex proved to be just as helpful and keen to learn as his big brother.

2 years ago, Peter started with a persistent cough and despite being prescribed with antibiotics the cough was still there 12 months later. He was sent for a CT scan, MRI scan and a myriad of other tests where the doctors found that his lungs were badly scarred from having pneumonia 3 or 4 times in his life which led to him developing pulmonary fibrosis. He was constantly in and out of hospital then on Saturday 1st August at 4:00am he was rushed to the PRH where he was placed in to an induced coma. With only 20% oxygen in his blood and 80% carbon dioxide and multiple organ failure he was not expected to survive the day. Astonishingly he pulled through on that day and lasted another 6 days, when on the 7th August 2020 his family were asked to let him go. He closed his eyes for the last time surrounded by his family. During his treatment Peter was going back and forth to five different hospitals and he never moaned once, he just didn’t want to let his employer Digicare or the TSR down, that was his only worry.

 Peter knew he was dying when he got the name of his illness “pulmonary fibrosis” but he never once complained, he carried on enjoying life to the fullest of his abilities. There are too many tributes from a multitude of people to post here but we could not say goodbye without a few words from those who knew him;

My nephew little Pete was such a nice boy, teenager and young man he was easy going, kind, funny with a great sense of humour, a gentleman and was generous to a fault who loved spending time with all his family. He would give you the shirt off his back and his last penny. He was great with his hands and could fix and build anything. He would always ring me, his nan and his other auntie for a chat and never left anyone out. He would turn up in Wales on his motorbike just to mow his Nans garden and do odd jobs for her just because he wanted to. So thoughtful. So loved.”

“Every time Alex saw something he liked in the TSR or Polar Express shop Peter would say “no, you can’t have it” then secretly go and buy it for his brother without him knowing about it. Peter would also happily help to decorate the site at Christmas because he loved the season of goodwill. Many a time you would find him stringing up fairy lights and when you asked where the lights had come from, he would look in to the distance then say “Home, just don’t tell me Mum and Dad”.

It has only been a few short weeks since his passing and for his family and friends he has left a void that can never be filled. The condolences and sympathies from all at the TSR are with the family through this difficult time. We will close this piece by not saying we will remember you mate, but with we’ll see you again someday. On a personal note I hope heaven had a pimped-out ride on mower waiting for you and the gate keys to the heavenly lawn. Rest easy Peter.