Have you got skills? If so then read on…..

So far our 2015 season has been successful and extremely busy. Our new extension to Lawley has kept us with our hands full and our everyday ongoing tasks have not gone away (and never will). Like any preserved railway or heritage venture there is only so much that the band of old faithfuls can do. Our Anthill Mob is run off their feet and the Magnificent Seven along with the Dirty Dozen can’t see a break in site. On top of all the usual goings on there are tasks and projects that are outstanding or waiting to be commenced but have stalled to the lack of volunteers.

Now you don’t have to be a master carpenter or a certified engineer to actively contribute, neither do you need to have a PhD in chemistry or a business degree. What you do need is a healthy dose of enthusiasm, a desire to get stuck in and the ability to turn up and work as part of a team.

Here is an indication of some of the tasks we have waiting that need to be progressed;

Mk1 LFK coach – Welding, woodworking, painting, electrical, glazing, flooring
Mk3 Sleeper coach – Wash down, welding, painting
‘Toad’ brakevan – Woodworking, painting, cleaning
‘Lowmac’ wagon – Cleaning, painting, woodworking, general engineering
Tool van – Roof repaint
Ironbridge No3 loco – Clean and repaint
Booking office – Clean, woodworking, glazing, painting
Fencing – General engineering, painting, building
Café – New path building, disabled access installing, general maintenance
Railway House – New pedestrian approach, gardening, general maintenance
Lawley station – Landscaping, general maintenance
Spring Village – General maintenance
Engine Shed – General maintenance

As you can see from the list there is a lot to be getting on with and a variety of jobs for all skill sets and skill levels. You won’t be thrown in at the deep end and expected to just get on with it. All the jobs are broken down in to small teams with one of the more experienced members taking the lead and directing proceedings. You will be shown what to do and encouraged to get ‘stuck in’.

So whether you are an experienced builder or a keen DIYer, a professional seamstress or a budding gardener, then if you want to lend a hand and become an active volunteer please get in touch as we’d love to hear from you.

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