German Artillery spotted! New Menu for Cafe!

23rd August 1943 – France

Aerial reconnaissance photo’s are showing that the Axis troops currently holding the village of Lawley appear to have received reinforcements by train, it is unclear currently but it appears that they may have received some field artillery. More news to follow.

The villages of H’Orsehay and D’Awley have still largely remained unscathed by local German troops, although there might be an increase in sightings after Madame McCusker announced a new menu for the Cafe,¬†Madame McCusker certainly seems to be able to work miracles with the limited supplies available, we are unable to confirm any rumours of either links to the Black Market or Collaboration.

The new menu is as follows

Spam fritters

Trench stew


Hot dogs


also available a selection of hot and cold drinks,

On the home front

Spring Village has remained largely unscathed by German bombers, authorities would like to remind everyone to ensure blackout regulations are followed.