Train Guard Experience


Become a Guard

Unique amongst the majority of heritage railways is a full day experience in the role and responsibility of a being a Train Guard. A guard is responsible for the safety of the train and it is the guard’s duty to see that the doors are properly closed and the train is safe to depart, and signal ‘right away’ i.e. clear to depart, to the driver. The guard is responsible for seeing that the train runs punctually and if there is a delay the guard must account for it.


A Full Day Of Unique Experiences

Starting at 9:00 am the candidate will book-on and go through the train movements planned for that day before being issued with a green and red flag, lamps and a whistle. You will then carry out safety checks involving the train brakes and couplings ensuring they are in good order. The guard is also responsible for checking passengers’ tickets and at the end of the day is responsible for filing a report of safe completion of the journey.

Learn the Proceedures

The guard should be aware of any special working conditions e.g. speed restrictions, working parties, etc. and how they affect the working of the train and liaise with driver and Duty Operations Manager to ensure smooth operation. The guard must be aware of the procedures for operating in bad weather conditions and ensure that communication with the driver and Duty Operations Manager is as efficient as possible.

Little Extras for the Ideal Gift

Included in our guarding package are a selection of gifts as mementos of the day including a TSR Fridge magnet, a TSR coffee cup and a TSR wristband.


Bring the Family

Courses are available on selected days during the running season.

You can also share the experience with up to two guests which includes the chance to travel on the train you are guarding and to dine with you in our tearoom. These two guests are included in the price.

Additional guests may attend for a charge of £10pp which must be paid for in advance.

Pricing & Booking

Full Day Course £100


Contact Us For Information

All prices shown are per person. Discounts may be available for group bookings. Please enquire for details.

Course Dates

One place available for each date. Dates in red indicate a provisional booking on that date.


Additional Information

Once a course has been booked and paid for you will be emailed all the information for the day. Please make sure that you print it, read it and have the candidate sign the relevant sections. This paperwork MUST be handed in on the day before the course commences.

Any candidates or their guests with special dietary requirements should make this known to the Commercial team prior to the day.

Please Take Note

Trains are amazing pieces of machinery and are a joy to operate and work on. However, they are hazardous places to be especially as you are dealing with steam, fire, coal, diesel and oils. All candidates are advised to wear stout/sturdy footwear, ideally safety shoes/boots, an old pair of jeans and a long-sleeved cotton shirt.

Training shoes, canvas shoes or open shoes are not permitted on the footplate.