Telford Town Tramway


A Unique Experience

The steam tram and coach, at the Telford Steam Railway, run on a 2 foot narrow gauge track. This follows a short horseshoe shaped route, part of which runs near to the lake known as Horsehay Pool. In this view, the tram and coach have arrived at the area near the loco shed, where they pause very briefly before returning, coach first, to the starting point near the entrance.


Once a Familar Sight, Now a Rare Piece of History

Steam trams were at one time a fairly familiar sight, as in the last years of the 19th century and the early years of the 20th century, they were used in several towns and cities in the UK. Most were eventually replaced by electric trams. The steam tram at the Telford Steam Railway, in one of the very few working examples, and quite possibly the only narrow gauge one in the UK.

Built in 1977

The tram was built by Alan Keef Ltd about 1977 for the Telford Development Corporation, and the coach, which is contemporary, was presumably built by Alan Keef Ltd too. The tram and coach originally ran in Telford Town Park, but didn’t last very long there. They were moved to their present site in the mid-1980’s.


A Great Day Out For the Family

Join us for a great family day out. Ride our Steam Train, grab a bite to eat in the Tearooms, explore the model railway and take a spin on the miniature railway! All from £5!