After a manic three days for our opening weekend last weekend we can now return to normality tomorrow, Sun 12th April. After all the excitement of our Easter opening we are looking forward to our services settling to a normal pattern and a time of consolidation, especially for a lot of our newer volunteers to gain increased confidence and competence in their new roles. At Lawley there is the matter of finishing works to be completed which include landscaping of the site, access path, platform pagoda, signage and fencing. If you haven’t already been to visit to see for yourself what has been accomplished at Lawley, and with a prediction of fine weather for the day to come, then please join us for a relaxed day out.

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  • Matthew Collins

    Will Lawley common extension be used every weekend
    till September and can you alight at Lawley common platform to take photos of the train.

    • Mark Paynter


      Lawley will be in use throughout our running season and you can alight there to take pictures of the train as many other people already have done.

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