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Yes, of course! Anyone with a fully paid up current membership to the trust can become a working volunteer.

We are always after more volunteers! - Please read "How do I become a working volunteer?"

Fantastic news! However, please note that it is not that easy. As with any normal job, you must rise through the ranks to get to the more desired jobs. You start off on our 2ft gauge tramway, qualifying first as a guard and then moving onto driver. With the full size you first of all starting out as a 'shunter' - marshaling trains around the yard, then being a Guard on the train. After proving yourself in these roles you can progress to footplate crew, starting out as a Secondman on diesel hauled services (requiring a minimum of 30 hours in the role before progressing onto diesel driver training) and Fireman on steam hauled services (Fireman requires over 100 hours of training before you can be qualified to do the job unsupervised, and then a further 100 hours before you can move onto steam driver training). Trainee Drivers then are given training 'on-the-job', logging the hours that are done. When our senior members feel that you are ready, we will put you forward for a drivers exam, this is done by an external company and costs us money - so we need to be confident you will pass! Once passed you can be rostered on as a driver!

We are glad you wish to help us in our mission to create a successful railway! First of all, you must have a fully paid up valid membership to the TSR Trust, without this we cannot let you work on our railway - Please speak to the Membership Secretary or the Commercial Department (Shop) to fill out a form and pay your membership fees. Once you have a membership you must then book a site induction course so we can introduce you to our railway and give you a short H&S briefing - this helps keep you and the public safe! The induction can be immediately followed by a PTS (Personal Track Safety Course), without this you still cannot go anywhere on the railway that the public can't. These two are short courses, and can normally be done in one day. Now you can start work or training on an operational role!

All of our current 'staff' are volunteers, which gives you an idea of the scope of jobs that can be done. Roles at TSR include (but are not limited to); Shunter, Guard, Driver, Fireman/Secondman, Tram Guard, Tram Driver, Shop Assistant, Cafe Staff, Platform Staff, Ticket Inspector, Site Services (Cleaner/Gardener/etc...), Maintenance Crew (Locos and Rolling Stock), P-way & Infrastructure (Track gang, Buildings & Structures), Event Staff (Car Park Attendant/Elf/Other customer facing roles).... and more!

Great news! If you have any relevant qualifications we can use this will help you take a large step 'up the ladder', for example; pretty much anything from the mainline network (PTS/Guard/Driver/etc..) , some grades from other heritage railways (we must examine your training folder and from there we can make a decision on your position)... or any other qualifications - such as forklift, electrician, cherry picker, plumber, hiab, workshop technician, civil engineer, 360 digger.... etc.... Please note: we MUST have a copy of your certificates before you can do anything.

Working on the railway can be hard work. We need to be sure that you are physically and mentally capable of doing the job required. ALL examined roles at TSR are subject to a medical exam by a qualified doctor, these are 'safety critical' and defined as 'anything that requires a PTS certificate'. If you do not meet the criteria - do not panic! We will try to find you a suitable role that you can do... Whether that be in the shop/cafe/on the platforms/cleaning the facilities/painting/cutting wood/helping customers, it all helps to the success of our railway!

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