A TripAdvisor worth listening to? It would appear so…..

We at the Telford Steam Railway always strive our very best to entertain and inform our visitors whether they are heritage railway enthusiasts or families looking for a day out with a difference. We are a small but friendly outfit but with huge ambition and are constantly seeking to ‘do more’ with the limited resources at our disposal. We’re certainly not in it for the fame but the fortune would be nice especially if our numbers came up on the Lottery. So it’s always a nice surprise and certainly a pleasure when our efforts are recognised, not just in the local community but out in the wider world as well. It was this week that we were to discover that the globally renowned online website company providing reviews of travel-related content awarded us with a ‘Certificate of Excellence’. This award is in obvious recognition of the numerous amount of visitors who are impressed and satisfied by what we offer. The official narrative is ‘TripAdvisor awards a Certificate of Excellence to accommodations, attractions and restaurants that consistently earn great reviews from travellers’. Our certificate arrived today, Sat 6th Jun, and obviously eager to see for ourselves we decided to let Chairman Paul have the honour of posing with it beside our steam locomotive stalwart ‘Rocket’. We even gave ‘Rocket’ a 60 second makeover to reflect our new found status but never fear, we didn’t damage the paintwork. So some might say is this a TripAdvisor worth listening to? It would appear so…..
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